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hello, to even more members!

hi all!

Thanks for joining up....
its a pleasure to have you here. Yay. 
You all can intro yourselves when you get a chance. 

On another note, I finished my first square of many.  Its a dark purple ombre standard traditional granny square, I'll divulge my crochet pattern.

Yarn- Red heart Super saver 'Jewel tones'
Hook- G

Ch 6.  Slip stitch into a loop.
Ch 2.
(first round)
HDC 3 into loop, Ch3.
HCC 3 into loop, ch3
HDC 3 into loop, ch3
HDC 2 into loop, sl stitch to the top of the first ch 2.
(second round)
Basically you want to do HDC3 over all the chains, and ch3 between  each set of hdc's (basically you're making a checkerboard.)
When you get to a corner, ch 5 (six is too lumpy.)

When you get to about 5 inches around, do a sc or hdc border, your choice, to fit the 6 inch limit.

(I know i'm a bad pattern writer, but this is an ultra easy pattern.
(I'll try to post with better patterning skills for each square I finish, or just use pre-made square patterns)
hi new member!

I'll be posting more when I get back from work(literally, I'm just about to walk out the door)

It feels so nice not to be the only one in here!

Sep. 15th, 2006

hi all... most, if not all of you have found this page from an email from me!


The plan is to make squares and send them to me by October 31st, so I can connect them together into blankets to donate to the facility I work in around thanksgiving...  A way to give thanks to our older generation and make sure they have the things they need.

I'll be posting more here....

here's the low down.

The info:
6 inch squares, any color or pattern, in a washable yarn. 
Please send by October 31st to me... I will post that as private below, or e-mail it to you personally.

If you want, you can share your favorite patterns here.... as well as how many stitches to cast on or chain... or anything interesting like that...

I'll post more!

thanks again
--Barbara (Nut)


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